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Posted by Gwen on the official No Doubt site this week:

Hmmm, What Should I Tell You Guys?
Hmmm, what should I tell you guys? Things have been so busy around here. Let me first say thank you for going out to get The Singles Collection. It has been really rewarding to see the response to the record. We are now getting ready to go on tour to celebrate and play together again. We are still in shock about winning the Grammy!! What is going on?two years in a row?!! We had a really fun night all hanging together. I had my little 8-year-old niece with me. She is just starting to get into No Doubt so it was really fun to see her little face when we won.

Went to London to sing with Alicia Keyes and Missy Elliot at the Brit awards last month. It was cool to hang with those girls and see how they are. Alicia is one of the most positive and up-lifting people I have met in a while. Missy is cool cool cool !!!

I have been in the studio working on my dance record. It has been really challenging but over the last few weeks I have been able to turn a corner. On the way home from London I stopped off in Atlanta to finish some tracks with Dallas Austin. I got three done and we are going to finish two more here in LA this week. Tony and I have a new track we are working on that is really a mixture of everything we loved growing up: Prince, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, and Club Nouveau. I have over 16 songs and plan on writing as many as it takes to make it great. It is starting to feel like a record and I can see it coming together. I am hoping to have a single out some time this summer. I have loads of ideas and tricks up my sleeve so watch out. I?m scared for you.

The first collection of LAMB is coming out anytime in stores. It is very exciting for me. It has been a project I have been working on for over two years. It is an interesting process because by the time the clothes come out they seem almost old to me. I want to go and see them in the stores. I am always most excited about whatever I am working on at the moment. I am currently working on Spring 2005!! Crazy how it works. I feel like LAMB is something that is going to take a long time to grow. It is still at the baby stage and I am still learning about design.

I just signed on to do one more season with LeSportsac. I couldn?t say no. It is really funny to see everyone with the bags. The second shipment for Spring 2004 is hot and should be out soon. I just started Fall 2004 and I am really excited for these ones. It is so fun to make bags selfishly for me!

Everything is great and I?m really looking forward to seeing you at the shows!!!!!!!


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