Doveman Does The Rounds

We savor any opportunity Thomas Bartlett allows us to glimpse at his much-anticipated follow up to The Acrobat. We loved “Happy,” an immediate standout from the sessions we’ve listened to, and were psyched when Doveman let us know about some recent sessions with Daytrotter. Head here for live takes of “Honey” and “Boy Plus Angel,” and stellar new cuts like the hypnotic “Sunrise” and the tear-jerker that is “Castles,” everything that we’ve come to expect from Doveman: wistful, emotive, and delicately piercing.

And it seems the Dove’s been busy, recently flying over to do a session with La Blogotheque (who’ve provided us with gorgeous clips of Grizzly Bear and My Brightest Diamond). Here, Thomas and guitarist Sam Amidon walk through our new favorite, “Castles.” (Operative words: “walk through.”)

And if you’re in Europe, don’t miss Antony & The Johnsons’ upcoming gigs. Thomas will be on piano throughout the tour! You really can’t lose.

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