The Fratellis Watercooler

Brace yourselves for a trans-Atlantic blast: There are no American dates lined up (yet), but if the UK’s album charts are any indication (they are), The Fratellis will make a push to conquer your hearts and minds with their hooky, hokey vision of post-Libertines Brit rock.

The Glaswegian trio (with one real Fratelli and two surname imposters) played their first gig last March but have a swift-selling debut entitled Costello Music on their hands. Are you amused? Do you love it? Or are you like us and need to listen before you can confirm your preconceptions? Their better singles:

The Fratellis ? “Chelsea Dagger” (MP3)
The Fratellis – “Henrietta” (MP3)

One more download at MySpace.

NME is all over these guys, stating, “Costello Music will wrestle with [Kasbian’s] Empire for your soul over the next few weeks.” We think they have us confused with Noel Gallagher.

The mag separately dubbed “Chelsea Dagger” the “summer’s unofficial festival anthem.” If you’ve got a better tagline, we’re all ears.