Family Band – “Children” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Family Band, the BTW formed by Kim Krans and husband/Children guitarist Jonny Ollsin, have finished work and are set to release their their excellent debut LP Miller Path. Its chilly, windswept, eerie sounds are pensive and downcast, laced with Ollsin’s restrained metal sensibility, and it’s that blend of icy darkness and dour dramatics that’s perfectly crystallized in the band’s first video (titled “Children,” to further push the familial phrases/musical lineage). The clip was directed by Luke Meyer and shot by Ethan Palmer, both of SeeThink Film, but it’s the song’s writer and vocalist Kim Krans who takes credit for the story and art direction. She provided some annotation:

When I wrote the song “Children” a year ago, I envisioned a world much like the one we created with the video: a strange, timeless and cold place, where people live in wandering communities and they hold family very dear to them. It’s neither future nor past, more like an eerie dreamscape. The song/video are about a broken family within one particular community in the mountains. Something unknown and terrible has happened, and the child has to find her own way through the changes. No one is good or bad necessarily, but the child can’t quite identify with anyone. So in the end its kind of a classic story – about growing up and finding your own way.
So I had the vision and storyline in my mind for quite some time, and then got in touch with Luke Meyer from SeeThink to work with as director. He and I worked out a lot of kinks in the storyline, and then I spent about a month gathering costumes, dying and sewing fabrics, and making the masks out of plaster and painting them. We made this video with a next to nothing budget and a lot of creative input and totally volunteer efforts from our friends.
It’s here:

Family Band are celebrating Miller Path with an album release show this Saturday 4/24 at Brooklyn’s Union Pool. To get prepped, here’s one from the album you may not have heard:

Family Band – “Diamonds”

We included “Hatred” and “Fantasy” when first profiling the band, but now that Miller Path’s truly complete, you should have their remixed/mastered/arranged versions:

Family Band – “Hatred” (Final Version)

Family Band – “Fantasy” (Final Version)

Family Band’s keeping it in the family, self-releasing Miller Path. It’s out now digitally, with a limited edition of 500 pressed vinyl with silk-screen covers available, all via the band’s site.

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