Strange Information

Still mulling over the new Beck album. It’s solid throughout, though we don’t hear a funky grand slam along the lines of “Devil’s Haircut” or “Mixed Bizness.” Curiously, The Information was hyped as a “hip-hop album.” (It’s not.) But Beck’s embracing of his pre-Dust Bros instincts is welcome, especially the broken acoustic riff and trashcan percussion of “Nauseau.” That said, “Exoskeleton” really harshes the mellow gold. What is up with that? Newsweek investigates.

NEWSWEEK: The song “Exoskeleton” is just a weird discussion between Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers. What the heck are they saying?
BECK: I had asked them what the ultimate record that could ever possibly be made would sound like.

NEWSWEEK: All I understood was a bit about spaceships. How high would you say they were?
BECK: No, no, totally sober! But when you’re in the studio at 3 in the morning, people get a bit loopy.

Nice. This is gonna be one fucked up movie!

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