New Amazing Baby Video – “Pump Your Brakes”

Amazing Baby — a band well documented for its connections to Wesleyan, and Brooklyn, and MGMT — have amassed everything you need for blog buzz since forming in January, on the back of just one free EP. They have some songs, yes, but also they’ve made it onto some good lineups, and maybe most impressively, they’ve already amassed a consistent cadre of comment haters. (Sometimes that’s a bad thing, and sometimes ‘the quicker the backlash, the more people pay attention.’) The stomping, glammy, psychedelic call to arms “Pump Your Breaks” is the Infinite Fucking Cross EP track of choice, and the video is a mix of NYC basketball courts, hippie torso wear, seances, visible auras, and Egyptian imagery because why not.


Amazing Baby – “Pump Your Brakes” (MP3)

Download Amazing Baby’s Infinite Fucking Cross EP for free at their site. The band’s slated to work on a debut album soon.

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