Rachel Dratch Is The New Elijah Wood

A knock is heard off-camera.

Jimmy Fallon: [opening door] Come on in! It’s Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood!

Elijah Wood (Rachel Dratch) enters with Peter Jackson (Horatio Sanz), carrying a grocery bag full of Oscar awards.

Peter Jackson: Hello, Jimmy!

Jimmy Fallon: Hey … It’s good to see you guys.

Peter Jackson: I just came by to pick up my award. Now, you can just throw it in the bag.

Tina Fey: Oh, this isn’t an awards show. This is Weekend Update.

I like that Rachel Dratch. You can stream last week’s entire Weekend Update here.

Incidentally, Rachel Dratch was the second guest on Late Night With Conan O’Brien last night. The first? Elijah Wood!

They showed a tape of the Weekend Update bit transcribed above. Elijah laughed, and ultimately did agree that he and Dratch look alike:

Want more Rachel Dratch? Try to catch her in Soundtracks Live (that shit was hilarious) or Tivo this weekend’s SNL, where she’s likely to do another turn as Boston teen Zazu, along with Jimmy Fallon and host Ben Affleck. It should be a wicked pissa.

Of course, Dratch’s got NOTHING on Darrell Hammond and Amy Poehler.