Liars – “The Overachievers” Video

Taking a break from clogging bloglines by doing his best Michael Hutchence with Beck, Angus Andrew and his Liars have unleashed a Patrick Bateman-baiting video for Sisterworld’s “The Overachievers.” On the track, AA gets frank about domestic life, his lines about homegrown banality (“I bought a house with you, we settled down WITH CATS, there wasn’t much to do, so we just sat and watched the T.V. — and smoked weed”) reflected in the cut’s claustrophobic clusterfucking jags. The clip’s directed by the band’s Aaron Hemphill, and if the bag of dripping blood’s any indication, things aren’t quite so banal around the (anti-)hero’s apartment anymore. Less money went into this than Liars’ revenge-of-the-rocks video for “Scissor,” though no less twisted thought. Watch it at their site, and don’t forget Devendra Banhart’s redo.

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