Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Funniest People In America

The only American magazine that loves making lists more than the exciteable British press is Entertainment Weekly. I’m gonna spotlight some of the choices I agree with, but refrain from suggesting the ten or fifteen more deserving candidates that come to my mind when someone says “America’s funniest people.” Actually, scratch that … the phrase makes me think of Dave Coulier. Everything makes me think of Dave Coulier. Damn you Dave Coulier!

So why not make my own list? Because whenever EW puts out a list — in recent months: “Top 50 Cult Movies,” “Top 50 Tearjerkers,” “More Top Cult Movies We Left Off The First List” — readers respond with the most patheticly obsessive (i.e. unintentionally hilarious) letters to the editor.

It will be more entertaining if we wait two weeks and marvel at the unnecessarily vitriolic reader response EW is prone to printing on page six.

1. Chris Rock
Also EW’s cover boy this week. Here’s an excerpt from Josh Wolk’s profile:

Four days after the Indianapolis gig, Rock is in Aspen, Colo., for HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, where he’ll be on a panel about Pootie Tang, a film based on a character from The Chris Rock Show, which has evolved from laughable bomb to cult favorite. “This is what my mother would call ‘the real white people,'” he says, walking the lily white (and we’re not just talking snow) streets of Aspen. “This is not the white janitor or the white cop. The guy in every Richard Pryor joke is here, the parody of the rich.” It reminds Rock of why he loved Lost In Translation which metaphorically captured what it’s like to be rich and black. “You’re on vacation, it’s gonna be just a lot of places,” says Rock. “You’re gonna live where you’re one of the only black people. You’re gonna shop in places where you’re one of the only black people.”

2. Jon Stewart and the ‘Daily Show’ team
Can’t argue with this. I am a big fan of everyone at TDS. Even Samantha Bee (ever since her “gay penguin marriage” piece last week). I bought a cool Daily Show t-shirt for $1 at a flea market. My girlfriend stole it.

3. Will Ferrell
Must-read: Will’s Class Day speech at Harvard Commencement, 6/5/03

4. Larry David
I wrote about this dude last week.

5. Dave Chappelle
Hustler Of Culture tells me I need to Tivo every episode. I like what I’ve seen so far.

6. Ellen DeGeneres
7. Bill Murray
8. Amy and David Sedaris
9. Robert Smigel
If you don’t agree with this one, watch Smigel (as Triumph The Insult Comic Dog) attack nerds at the Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones premiere, and you will change your mind.
Windows | Real

10. Jim Carrey
11. David Letterman
12. Aaron McGruder
13. Jack Black
14. Wanda Sykes
15. Augusten Burroughs
16. Scott Armstrong
17. Conan O’Brien
18. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson
19. Bernice Mac
20. Maya Rudolph
21. Demetri Martin
I saw his palindromes bit at Eating It a few years ago. This guy is a riot.

22. Catherine O’Hara
23. Ego Trip
24. Sarah Silverman
Recomended viewing: Sarah Silverman visits the Gay Rodeo. Also, can we agree that Jessi Klein is the new Sarah Silverman? I promise to put at least one Jessi clip here by the end of the week.

25. Dave Attell
25.5. Kelly Ripa
EW winkingly includes a #101.5 or a #25.5 for every list. This time, Ripa gets the nod for a hilarious SNL commercial parody that had her shilling for Tressant Supreme, a shampoo fortified with cocaine. TVTome claims the film was written by Slovin And Allen. I don’t know if this is true.

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If you’re a regular reader (and whiner about) Entertainment Weekly (I am, but I tell myself it’s for my job) I highly recommend the Reviewing Entertainment Weekly Blog for some very funny, well-informed constructive criticism…

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