Scissor Sisters – “Fire With Fire”

Aside from Jake and Ana’s high-stepping disco re-do of “The Sun Is Down” at Yoko Ono’s instantly classic We Are Plastic Ono Band event at BAM in February, it’s been years since we’d heard from Scissor Sisters. But 2010 has been a good year for Shears: As of this morning we’re two tracks deep into Night Work, the (fab) outfit’s forthcoming, third album, and first since ’06. First was “Invisible Light” with its “epic electro-drama” and “Thriller”-styled narration break by Sir Ian McKellan, today it’s “Fire With Fire,” the first proper single from the LP, premiered on BBC radio and promptly uploaded to the internet. Glossy pop producer Stuart Price takes a production credit on the record, and by the time the hook sets in you wouldn’t be wrong to hear some of the soaring anthemics he’s laced into his more recent work with the Killers. And as always, you wouldn’t be wrong to hear a little Elton John.

Night Work is out 6/29 via Universal. There’s a pre-order prompt up at their site. The single’s available for download 6/20. In other Jake Shears news, he’s writing for the new Kylie record. For some bonus action, here’s a remix of “Invisible Light” by its producer, Stuart Price.