Remix The Monkey

The results are in on the Real World Remixed competition to remix Peter Gabriel’s “Shock The Monkey,” and we’re loving the winning entry. The honors go to Multiman’s “Simian Surprise” Remix, which can (and should) be heard here. The guy nailed it. Head here to listen to the rest of the top ten (and watch Peter discuss the top entrants).

And for the budding mash-up artists out there, here’s “Shock The Monkey,” sans backing tracks. (Worth a download if only to hear how fucking awesome Gabriel sounds a cappella, even if he does get “fed up” with the sound of his own voice.) If you end up with a worthy mash-up, send it to us!

Peter Gabriel – “Shock The Monkey” (Vocals) (MP3)

You know how much we love Genesis. And even though Peter won’t be joining ‘em, we’re psyched for the Phil Collins-led reunion tour. They’ll travel the world, they’ll make millions, and they’ll make your fathers very, very happy.