Watch The Worthwhile Moments Of The Woodies

The Woodies happened, I was there, you didn’t miss too much. This year’s performance roster was interesting though, particularly for a couple of onstage collaborations. Vampire Weekend’s “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” with Chromeo was previously announced and a fun if subtle shift from the original (not like the Chromeo studio remix of the track, which is a fun if unsubtle shift from the original). Lykke Li (with Björn Yttling on bass) covering Tribe’s “Can I Kick It” alongside surprise guest Q-Tip was unexpected and momentarily electrifying. Tip has the power. That bled into a three-song medley of Kamaal solo stuff, which you can watch here along with the Chromeo Weekend, Santogold, and the Cool Kids’ performances. That screengrab captures the slow dissolve from Q-Tip and Lykke kicking it to Rostam Weekend loving it which I included because that is highly bloggable imagery.

Here’s Lykke and the Q-Tip medley (she’s covered Tribe before, just not with anyone from Tribe at her side):

VMPR WKND and Chromeo:

Santogold on “Shove It” (with Spank Rock):

Here’s some Cool Kids:

More clips (or the entire show) is up for streaming at