Thieves Like Us – “Forget Me Not” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

The electronic Swedish/American Berlin/Milan/Paris-based trio Thieves Like Us are nodding to New Order, of course, but also apparently to actual thieves. As the story goes, the band met at a picnic in East Berlin in 2002 and recorded their second album Again And Again in a basement in Paris in 2009. Between that, they traveled (a lot). Fittingly, this video for “Forget Me Not” has an air of International intrigue … from 30 or so years before the band met at that picnic in Berlin.

The band explains:

Forget Me Not tells the bleak story of a petty thief who falls for a prostitute. The thief plans one last robbery so that he can start a new life with his love. Sadly the heist goes wrong and it seems love between the lowlifes is destined to fail.

For your next heist/failed criminal romance:

Thieves Like Us – “Forget Me Not”

Again And Again is out via Shelf Life. Additionally, the “Forget Me Not” remix EP is up for the price of download over here.