You know what it’s called when your blog post is filled with links to other bloggers you see socially? It’s called blogfucking. It’s like starfucking, but you don’t get laid. You just get carpal tunnel. This was my Friday…

7:30 PM: Went out for drinks with the Best Week Ever writers. We ranked the panelists in order of awesomeness. Didn’t drink.

10:30 PM: Went to Danny’s birthday. He was wasted. It was fun. Met Hustler Of Culture, the only person who watches more TV than I do. Didn’t drink.

1:00 AM: Went to Lindsayism’s bday at Sibera (house rules: “No cursing, no hitting on women”). Melody Nelson had already packed up her vinyl and went home. I had no cash and let Bruner buy me a drink. Also let The Wicked buy me a drink. Thanks guys. Met Jelena Earlash and Will Black Table for the first time. Good people. A creepy guy whispered something in The Kicker’s ear. Ended up smoking in the basement with Ultragrrrl, Casa De Punk, and some dude from Rolling Stone (I think) who gave me the new Modest Mouse album, which is fucking incredible. Stayed too late (even Lindsay was gone) and shared a cab home with Sarah and Andy. Bloggers are so nice. Oh, I guess you want some dirt, right? Um … TMFTML is a vampire! Seriously, whenever someone takes out a camera, he ducks for cover. Not to protect his anonymity, but because he is a vizzampire. For reals.

7:00 AM: Eliza Jane and I woke up at an ungodly hour and headed upstate with her mom to check out places for our wedding. I pirated the radio and DJ’d the ride until my iPod died. My future mother-in-law liked this Beatles mash-up. Rock! Next time: Modest Mouse.