What’s The Hipster Listening To?

“Are you a real New Yorker?” This week Time Out New York asks us to prove it by taking this intense quiz, on which we performed miserably. Guess we’re not real New Yorkers? Our rent bill implies otherwise.

Here’s our favorite part: Match the hipster to what’s on his/her iPod!

1. The Cure
2. The Last Five Years
3. Spiritualized
4. Nando Lauria
5. Parliament
6. Ted Leo + Pharmacists

Answers after the jump…

1. The Cure: F
2. The Last Five Years: A
3. Spiritualized: B
4. Nando Lauria: D
5. Parliament: E
6. Ted Leo + Pharmacists: C

Yeah, we failed too. Thank god. If there was a superficial formula for guessing our iPod contents, they’d get the wrong idea.

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