Live From New York: Courtney Love’s St. Patrick’s Day

I poke a lot of fun at Courtney Love on this blog. ‘Cause she’s … a little loopy. But she totally won me over last night, despite her guitar-throwing tantrums. She’s a ROCK STAR. I can’t get enough.


11:07 PM
James and I head to Plaid after seeing a so-so set by Headset at Mercury. I’ve never been to Plaid. There are scantily-clad ladies dancing on the bar.

Meet up with Jason Productshop, who is looking very dapper (check out his awesome review of the show).

11:18 PM
Opening band … a little screamy, but I liked their energy. Anyone know their name? Was it Uncle Fucker?

11:56 PM
The Courtney Love Band chills in the VIP area.

12:05 AM
Peeps watching at home see Courtney pull a Drew Barrymore and expose her breasts on The Late Show. SIX TIMES. She sings “Danny Boy” and gives Mr. Letterman some choice bytes:

  • ON FLIRTING: “I learned how to flirt by watching you!”
  • ON BEING WEIRD: “Am I being weird … like Jennifer Tilly?”
  • ON THE FCC CRACKDOWN: “Is this like Reagan trickle-down economics? Is this like Bush trickle down?”
  • ON TROUBLE: “Yeah … but I’m sexy!” (after Letterman asks, “You have a lot of trouble, don’t you?”)
  • ON CRUSHING: “I’ve had a crush on you my whole life.”
  • ON BEING WEIRD: “Do you think I’m like wacky and stuff? … Is that against the law?”
  • ON THE DRUG CHARGES: “[It was] one expired Percocet and one Ambien.”

    12:10 AM
    Natasha Lyonne’s girlfriend to Stereogum: “We’re being really cool by letting you sit here, so like, don’t take any pictures.”

    12:52 AM
    Stereogum: “You’re awesome!”
    Boy George: “Fuck off.”

    12:55 AM
    Find Hal and Vivian

    Hal takes a picture of our feet. He was either being artistic or drunk.

    1:14 AM
    Courtney rocks! She screams to Natasha from the stage: “Pass me my fucking scotch … bitch!”

    Courtney throws the microphone stand. Hits some poor guy in the head! But he’s not (badly) hurt.

    2:10 AM
    Time to go! James notices three police officers making their way inside with flash lights and a determined look on their faces, while a patrol car idles outside.

    2:30 AM
    Courtney gets arrested for reckless endangerment and third-degree assault. Man, this girl CANNOT GET A BREAK. Where’s the love NYC? Julian was right about the cops.

    Courtney’s performing tonight at Bowery! Anyone going? I want a report!


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