Van Halen Summer Tour 2007

You all heard about likely HOFers Van Halen replacing Michael Anthony with Eddie’s son Wolfgang. We suspect nepotism. The Van Halens are in the studio writing new music (porn soundtracks, presumably) … but no news re: Sammy Vs. Dave Vs. Guy From Extreme Vs. maybe Eddie’s Nephew? Or is there? G4TV is confident next summer’s confirmed tour will have a familiar face centerstage.

“We know that Eddie and brother Alex are rehearsing with Wolfgang on bass. We know that there will be a tour this summer. We don?t know who will sing for the band yet, but we know Eddie is open to working with Roth (he said so on Stern) and that no one is denying that Diamond Dave could be the frontman. Hmmmm?interesting.”

Could it be true?! Could you care less?!

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