A Plea Regarding This Fall’s “OMG WTF” Tour

Emo kids vs. indie rockers: Can’t we all just get along? The moderator of the Facebook Bloc Party Fan Club sure hopes so. The tour with the billing that made us resort to IM shortspeak is finally happening, and the Party moderator has crafted this missive, asking his minions to show Panic! fans what the Blocheads are all about.

Hi Stereo Gum…I’m the moderator of the Facebook Bloc party Fan Club (lame i know)…and i sent a playful post to my kin stating the following:

It has finally come upon us, the (dare i say and skullfuck the idiots who thought of this) “Nothing Rhymes With Circus” tour [Still Cursing the heavens]….ANYWAY to those going to the shows God Bless and Good Luck; bring Death Cab for Cutie CDs to ward off the black shirts.

Remember concertgoers, the regime of uneducated music youth may be OVERLY ABUNDANT at your shows…if you do find these people unsavorable do not be shy to show them the way to the light…be open and enthusiastic about your support for Bloc Party, that way the fans of Panic! will hopefully be open to hear the opening band. Lastly there are 3 DO NOTs for the shows:

1) DO NOT Lob Bottles, Cans or anything at any member of Panic! at the Disco; first time was necessary, we dont need it again.
2) DO NOT leave after Bloc Party’s set unless it is 100% necessary; acceptable excuses: doctor’s note or curfew or just don’t want to hear a bad live band (TRUST ME THEY ARE)
3) DO NOT have a hellraising riot during the bloc set ( you might get stared at by the musically challenged but your effort will earn you a medal of honor from me)

That’s it…enjoy folks

I figured i’d share that with you loveable people…Love Ya Stereogum!

  So, Partyers — will you reach across the aisle? Or will it be a bottle of urine for Urie? There are no wrong answers here; we won’t judge you!