Rocker Doppelgängers In Hollywood

We’ve been slowly stepping into the Heroes universe (save the cheerleader, save the something or the other) — a show we may turn to increasingly as the methadone for our LOST withdrawal — and we thought that Peter Petrelli (played by Milo Ventimiglia) looked familiar. Thanks to Popwatch, we have it pegged!

Holy Bright Eyes! That got us thinking: What other rocker look-alikes are floating around Tinseltown? We’re talking movie or television (preferrably current shows — so we can be creeped out when we tune in next week — but we’ll accept look-alikes from deep in the annals of Rock N’ TV history). Post jpeg links if you have ‘em (or not) and we’ll try update with a running list of side-by-sides images.

UPDATE: Napoleon Bluntamite! (Thanks, Blake!)