Neon Indian – “Sleep Paralysist” Video

While this sumptuously psychedelic video for “Sleep Paralysist” looks it had a budget higher than did all the recording sessions for Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasms LP, the crystalline yet hallucinatory shots of this fucked up house in Lexington, the billows of smoke, the saucer-tossing trippiness, the levitating girls, and the green-eyed stallion all serve the track’s general direction: melding Palomo’s love of directly engaging melodies and warped electronic music with a touch of rarified gloss at the hand of the track’s producer, Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. Soda money can go far if you let it. It’s produced by the mavericks at Focus Creeps, who continually prove they’re one of the most versatile and creative a production company working. (Think of their lo-fi print fixed to Girls’ various San Fran daydreams, their pint-sized hipster Bonnie & Clyde irreverence for the morning benders’ “Promises,” and now this madness.) Worth your watch:

Here’s a making-of featurette:

(via AOL and Spinner, respectively)