Stream The New Jay-Z & Name That Sample

Jay-Z’s been known for shrewd sample choices (we particularly like the Tom Brock makeover on “Girls, Girls, Girls”), so every new HOVA album makes us wanna grab a cold Bud Select and play Name That Groove. Aside from “Show Me What You Got” (Public Enemy + Lafayette Afro Rock Band + Johnny Pate) and the “Superfreak”y title track, however, Kingdom Come’s got us scratching our heads.

Listen to the whole album here, and tell us if you recognize any of the samples. Or just tell us what you think of Jay-Z’s cameo-crazy comeback! If you dig it and live in Atlanta, Philadelphia, D.C., NJ, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, this Saturday Jigga’s taking a jet to your state for a series of thirty minute sets. We bet your thinking the same thing as us: Holy frequent flier miles! Alas, Sean’s jet is private. That NASCAR money is no joke.

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