New Air Album Pocket Symphony Coming In March

On March 6, armchair electronica heroes Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît “Darkel” Dunckel return to our iPods with 12 new tunes produced by Nigel Godrich. Jarvis Cocker and Neil Hannon cameo.

For Symphony the French duo added new toys to its collection of Moogs and vocoders: According to Astralwerks, Nic has been taking koto and shamisen lessons from “an Okinawa master.” Wax on, Godin-san!

And if you’re a Mike Mills fan … well, you’re out of luck. But the visuals for the Pocket campaign will be handled by Xavier Veilhan, and he does cool rhinoceros art.

The band will play some European dates in March, then hit the states in May, where we’ll be in the front row trying to hand them Stereogum t-shirts.

Pocket Symphony Tracklist
01. Space Maker
02. Once Upon A Time
03. Hell Of A Party
04. Napalm Love
05. Mayfair Song
06. Left Bank
07. Photograph
08. Mer Du Japon
09. Lost Message
10. Somewhere Between Walking And Sleeping
11. Redhead Girl
12. Night Sight