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Band To Watch: Dappled Cities Fly

Don’t run away! There’s a great sound beneath the head-scratching name of this Aussie indie-pop outfit. Dappled Cities Fly are making the long trip across the Pacific with TONS of down-under buzz and will release their sophomore effort Granddance on these shores early next year. Their sound will easily take hold with the blog set: quirky at times, yet totally inoffensive in that Shins-y way. In fact, “Within Hours” owes a melodic debt to Mercer, but one that isn’t so deep that that Dappled Cities can’t make a (preferrably new!) name of their own. Grab this stand-out to get ya started, and get two more at The Sandwich Club.

Dappled Cities Fly – “Within Hours” (MP3)

Granddance is out 1/03/07 on Dangerbird.