Mogwai & Kronos Quartet Do The Fountain

Turkey break is always a good time to hit the flicks, and one of the movies opening in time for the holiday is The Fountain, a trippy film about love and reincarnation, starring Wolverine and Rachel Weisz and set in the 16th Century, the 26th Century, and the present. And if you want that extra bit of surreality and emotion, you can do worse than grabbing Mogwai (ala Zidane) or Kronos Quartet (see: the Requiem For A Dream theme). Exactly what The Fountain folks did! Maybe enough to get us to spend the twelve bucks on a ticket to the theater. Or maybe we’ll just enjoy the free stream of the soundtrack here.

Did anyone see that Zidane documentary? We’re not soccer heads, but it looked sorta cool. Did Mogwai do for it what (the fucking awesome) Explosions In The Sky did for the Friday Night Lights movie? And by the by, who else is psyched for the new EITS? Temporary Residence is releasing the forthcoming All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone on 2/20/07, but here’s a listen of the new:

Explosions In The Sky – Welcome, Ghosts (QT)

Why can’t February be now?