Jeff Buckley As “Corpse Graffiti”

Seems some World of Warcraft players have figured a way to get some laughs while they play their massive multiplayer online role-playing game in their parents’ basements. Clickable Culture writes:

Players of World of Warcraft have been swapping stories about the art of “corpse graffiti,” a phenomenon I’ve seen before but didn’t realize had a name. In my first few months of play, I regularly spotted a corpse named Jeff Buckley floating face-down in a pool of water in the dwarven city of Ironforge (Buckley was a real-life recording artist who drowned in 1997).

Corpse graffiti … is created by building a character with a clever name … and dropping dead in a contextually-appropriate location … As long as the player refuses to resurrect the character (a feature in the game), the named corpse remains for all to see. The primary use seems to be humour…

Oh like humour “ha ha”? No pun intended, but you ghostin’ gamers … get a life. OK, pun intended.

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