The Eno/Emo Connection

You know how the Way bros. were on paths to self-destruction before The Black Parade catapulted MCR to stardom, much to Stereogum readers’ chagrin? Blame Brian Eno! Via Entertainment Weekly

It was a suicidal breakdown during a Japanese tour in 2004 that forced [Gerard] to get help. As soon as he got back to the States, he saw his therapist. “He said, ‘When you leave here, you’re going to go buy Brian Eno’s Music For Airports, and it’s gonna calm you the f— down,'” Gerard remembers. “I had a bottle of vodka in the trunk just in case, and I listened to [the CD] in a parking lot and felt a lot better. So I threw the bottle out and went to AA.”


We appreciate that Ambient 1 brings serenity to folks confined in LaGuardia … but who knew its healing power over the broken, the beaten and the suburban Jersey goths?