Animated Doherty To Show Kids How To Hit That Vein

British author Peter Robinson came upon the brilliant idea of making an illustrated book about the troubled life and times of Libertine Pete a while back, calling it, adorably, A Boy Called Pete. Does a musician who spends more time with needles in his arms than being on stage make for a good “illustrated children’s book”? The Times Online says:

The book claims to be a moral story and warns children that ?Class A drugs are not very good for you. They make you smelly and a bit untidy-looking.? Pete finds that he is no longer famous for singing songs and is made to stay in ?a very big house with high walls? because ?London has lots of rules and lots of authority?.

But they’re really intent on getting that to the kids; so they’re making it into a bona fide cartoon! Yahoo reports that A Boy Called Pete “has now been sold to TV, although there are currently no details about when it will air.” And the good news is that there are also shows in the works for Britney, Robbie, Michael Jackson, Sir
Elton John, and Take That. Which of course brings us one step closer to our ultimate cartoon dream: A Boy Called George Michael. What pop star cartoon could be better than that?

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