Gaslight Anthem Cover Pearl Jam’s “State Of Love And Trust” For Fallon

It’s a certain Garden State patriot that the Gaslight Anthem are forever indebted to — a lineage they honor proudly — though last night the band filed a searing cover of a grunge-era jewel as their web exclusive/bonus joint for Jimmy Fallon. Enough to fuck with the family tree? Maybe on a track-only basis, though this cover’s so perfectly on point that if Pearl Jam had never veered off their Singles soundtrack-era “State Of Love And Trust” track maybe more Gaslight LP reviews would mention EdVed next to Bruce in the RIYL graph. Brian Fallon scorches, leaving it all on the stage here, though I guess I’d represent in similar fashion if I ever performed a show called Late Night With Jimmy Singh or whatever. During the telecast it was American Slang banger “Boxer,” which is posted below too,


If you missed the telecast, here’s their take on “Boxer”: