Arcade Fire The Suburbs Tracklist Spans 16 Songs

In a world where Win Butler’s alt.mullet makes for HIGHLY BLOGGABLE CONTENT, the words assigned to the song titles on the band’s forthcoming third LP are proper grounds for reportage. Someone in came Arcade Fire sent out a tweet for each track title, which in all was 16 tweets, meaning 16 songs, which is a lot of songs! Especially since their previous efforts spanned 10 and 11 tracks each, respectively. The titles suggest the band’s maintaining their trademark conceptualcore approach/narrative, with a number of songs splayed out episodically: “Half Light I” backed with “Half Light II (No Celebration)”; “Sprawl” parts I and II, and “The Suburbs” opening and then closing the album in “(Continued)” form. Here’s the list, with titles linked to the previews the band’s given us, be it via studio or live:

01 “The Suburbs
02 “Ready To Start
03 “Modern Man”
04 “Rococo
05 “Empty Room
06 “City With No Children”
07 “Half Light I”
08 “Half Light II (No Celebration)”
09 “Suburban War”
10 “Month Of May
11 “Wasted Hours”
12 “Deep Blue”
13 “We Used To Wait
14 “Sprawl I (Flatland)”
15 “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”
16 “The Suburbs (Continued)”
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