New Old Andrew VanWyngarden (Of MGMT) – “Supervolcano”

MGMT currently possess some pretty fancy hair and an album, Oracular Spectacular, that NME considers the best of the year. Just three years ago, though, Andrew VanWyngarden was still a student at Wesleyan, penning songs about volcanoes for an Earth & Earth Science class. Instead of Ben Goldwasser by his side, it was Ethan Leinwand (also Wesleyan ’05), and the exact name of the class was (we think) “Hazardous Earth: Stuff That Will Kill You.” Crazy liberal arts schools. Take a listen. This was before they were accompanied by very sexy girls who can dance for real (or body paint).

Andrew VanWyngarden – “Supervolcano” (MP3)
(Via Wesleying, thanks for the tip, Charles S.)

If you want to keep digging into VanWyngarden’s past, here’s his Glitter Penis. We’re not sure how a Glitter Penis relates to a “Supervolcano,” but there must be some sort of connection.