the morning benders – “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac Cover) Live Video

Turns out the morning benders share Twin Sister’s love for Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” (Also sharing love for Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”: Everyone who’s heard Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”) In fact the band documented their homage to Ms. Nicks via a hushed acoustic take for their The Bedroom Covers collection a few years ago (featuring their Roy Orbison redo), though at Saturday’s free show on Governor’s Island in NYC (with Wild Nothing and Freelance Whales in support), they had the benefit of being a full band, and therefore the benefit of having Julian on drums, which made for a slightly more reverential though still decidedly morning bent cover on the Mac classic. Check it, and grab the more intimate acoustic bedroom MP3 (along with the rest of the covers collection) below:

(H/T We All Want Someone)

Here it is in bedroom-studio form, from the band’s The Bedroom Covers collection:

the morning benders – “Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)”

Download the whole thing — featuring takes on Talking Heads, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, Velvet Underground, Cardigans, and their previously posted Roy Orbison cover — for the nice price of a functioning email addy: