New Arcade Fire – “Intervention”

We’ve been sooo patient. Finally! So you might have heard that if you call 1-866-NEON-BIBLE ext. 7777 you can hear the studio version of the “new” Arcade Fire song “Intervention.” But we realize a lot of you guys have shitty cellphones! And who really wants to hear pipe organ, glockenspiel, and Win’s soaring quaver through a Blackberry speaker? So just pretend you’re calling … and then stream it on your high-quality laptop speakers by heading to BBC. You’ll hear “Intervention” at 18:21 on Thursday’s show. (Click the Play button ten times in the pop-up player.)

Strings and drama, sparks of friendship and love. Man Montreal must be fun! The track is from Arcade Fire’s forthcoming Neon Bible. (John Kennedy Toole would be so proud!) Maybe ’cause it’s about bigotry in the deep South? Maybe just ’cause it sounds cool. Either way, we’re dying for it. Here’s hoping it’s love at first listen all over again.

Tags: Arcade Fire