King Khan & BBQ Break Up, Again

According to multiple sources (including a concert promoter and a canceled Neumo’s show) King Khan & BBQ have broken up. The pair (Mark Sultan is the BBQ half) had run into problems in Australia earlier this month, but patched things up in time for a show in Daegu, South Korea. Apparently things there didn’t go well, writes Obscure Sound’s Jay Mattson, who attended the gig, which was cut short:

Soon after, everyone in the audience could hear the screaming. A projection screen was pulled down in front of the instruments and performing space, and Sultan was seated to the direct right of the screen. From behind the screen, the high-pitched screams of Khan resonated throughout the entire bar, partly because they were so loud, and mostly because no one else was talking, just listening. A visible Sultan was shrugging, calmly trying to converse with Khan about the state of their musical act. Khan’s drunken jeering and explosive insults toward Sultan kept coming, though. After conversing with my friends for a few moments, we came to the conclusion that one of two things was happening: 1.) The band was actually breaking up, or 2.) This was one of the most intricate and theatrical shows we’d ever seen.

Looks like it was the former (or maybe both, since if you consider the “King Khan Show” everything that happens on and off stage, shrooms arrests included).