James Lipton Introduces Death Cab On The Late Late Show

What the headline says. Death Cab close out their year of Narrow Stairs and Stereogum takeovers with a stop by Craig Ferguson’s studios in Los Angeles, the band still not knowing why you’d want to live there, but enjoying an introduction full of sonorous gravitas from Inside The Actors Studio’s self-effacing host James Lipton. Gravitas if admitting “the superficiality of most alternative rock makes me want to stick my genitals in a blender” is gravitas. That’s what it means, right? Anyway right there the late night performance is off to a better start than that time they forgot to wear costumes for their Halloween performance on Leno. The song is Stairs standout “Cath…,” which is what they played on Leno, so I guess that’s why Ben’s wearing the same shirt. Meet the “Cath…” shirt you guys.

Narrow Stairs is out via Atlantic. And if you’re looking for a starter pack for the fledgling indie rocker in your life, there’s that Something About Airplanes reissue to consider. See you at the Grammys.