John Mayer Hearts Perez Hilton

Making out with Jessica Simpson’s collagen in plain view of photogs wasn’t the only instance of J. May’s “I love the bitch and I don’t care who knows it!” actions on New Year’s Eve. Well, not true, ’cause it seems Mayer came to his senses the next morning about at least one of said bitches. The Perez affair seems to have begun at the Hudson Hotel, where Mayer serenaded Hilton with “Gravity,” before continuing to their respective blogs in an apparent race to update first. Aww, blog racing — on a first date! Which was a super cute story ’til John woke up, realized what he’d done, and deleted! Luckily, the screen grab captures the love:

Why remove it? It’s not that embarrassing. Except for the “Perez is nice” part. And the xoxoxoxoxo’s. You won’t catch Courtney “sell the pony” Love posting that shit. Also, John, you’re a terrible blogger. You made out with Jessica Simpson at midnight and didn’t even get a cell phone pic for us? You’re fired.

After the jump, Perez licks Jessica’s face. Hope you’re not eating lunch.