Celebrity Big Brother Gets Another

NME reports that Towers Of London’s Danny Tourette joined the other uncelebrated names in the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother homestead:

As he walked into the house, Tourette bared his bum and hurled abuse at viewers.

Other contestants on this year’s show include Ian H Watkins, ex of Steps, Jo O’Meara formerly of S Club 7, Jermaine Jackson, Ken Russell, Leo Sayer,Cleo Rocos Dirk ‘Face’ Benedict, Shilpa Shetty, Danielle Lloyd and Carole Malone.

But isn’t Towers Of London like two years old? And already on reality TV? The band must be more shit than we thought! At least wait a few years before give you resolve to D-list! Leo Sayer waited 30. Brit readers, care to fill us in? Isn’t Celebrity Big Brother where quasi-celebs go to die? Or maybe The Flavor of Jermaine isn’t too far on the horizon.