The-Dream @ Good Units, NYC 6/29/10 & “Trilogy” Video

After a titanic weekend in NYC, the only plan I had for this week was to gently massage my legs and liver with a few days of maximum meditation. Then Wavves started tweeting about his scheduled appearance at last night’s FADER summer issue release party at Good Units in midtown: “special, special shit happening trust me will be amazing. LOVE KING/ OF THE BEACH.” Clever girl. And for the amount I spin Love King, and the whole Love trilogy really (you know I’m DJing if you hear “Rockin That Shit” an inappropriate number of times), I was willing to violate my moratorium on jaunts above 14th St. on the punned promise of a set from The-Dream. Turns out Good Units is a shitty sounding room in the swanky Hudson Hotel on 58th and 9th; after arriving, a knowledgeable friend told me “If The-Dream shows up, he’ll DJ, and maybe he’ll grab a mic.” (There are three discrete scenarios in that sentence.) Woof.

It didn’t seem promising, but 15 minutes before the party ended dude did show up, after Wavves sang about being bored (and quoted “Shawty You A 10″ a bunch). The human R&B hit factory born Terius Youngdell Nash had someone hand DJ Falty DL an iPod or something, and briefly turned Good Units into the site of the very best iPod karaoke set: “Ditch That…,” “Love King,” Make Up Bag” set to innuendo smiles and falsetto sighs, recordings of Hate and King and buttery vocal vibes. Some people complained that The-Dream sang along to his album. Those people should remember a) The-Dream singing along to his album is better than The-Dream not singing along to his album and b) he did “Purple Kisses” backed by nothing but the crowd’s track-title holler-backs. As video testimonial, here are the clips I shot of “Love King” karaoke style, and the sweetest a cappella testament to hard-ons and blow jobs I’ve ever heard. Also, check The-Dream’s new Motion Family-directed video “Trilogy,” which stitches the Prince-worshipping “Yamaha,” “Nikki Pt. 2,” and “Abyss” into one 13-minute slip of short-filmic sexy.



Now from last night: “Purple Kisses”

“Love King”

Love King is out. Get in it.