John Mayer’s Second Swing At Stand Up

For the next installment in our never-ending quest to determine whether J. May is funny or is just funnier than you’re average rock star, we turn to Varsity Basketweaving, who reviews John’s surprise, January 5th at The Comedy Cellar — in ten-point format. (via The Apiary)

1. Crashed the announced 11:30 p.m. lineup that included heavyweights and Comedy Cellar regulars Godfrey (who delivered possibly the funniest set I’ve ever seen in person), Dave Attell, Jim Norton and Sherrod Small.

2. Wore standard stand-up fare: dark sweater and jeans.

3. Admitted “Yeah, I’m the ‘Daughters’ guy,” then proceeded to sing amusing alternate lyrics to the song with that distinctive Mayer lilt.

8. Avoided any mention of Jessica Simpson. (Draw your own conclusions.)

9. Checked his Blackberry to see if he forgot any jokes. Made fun of himself for doing so.

10. Made the audience laugh consistently during his set of about 10 minutes.

Head over for the rest of the review and VB’s conclusion. Sounds like John did alright! And it looks like he tweaked the Michael Richards out of his last act.

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