Joseph Arthur Shares Erotic Poetry

In April Joseph Arthur releases Let?s Just Be, the first of two albums he has in the can for this year. Haven’t heard it yet, but we’re optimistic. In the meantime, the singer/songwriter has been entertaining fans by posting stream-of-conscious erotica on MySpace. One concerned reader writes us:

Not sure if you’ve been made aware of the blog kept by the amazing singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur on his MySpace page. But basically it’s a series (I mean…2 or 3 a day at least) of rambles and crazy talk straight from his head.

Some of it, yes, could be classified as poetry, but most is the rambling of a madman. One of today’s, I thought, contained some especially interesting references:

“munch her tuff”, “Bubble butt, Let’s bump again, Between yer tits”, “To spread and chase, Squirtin cum, Like stars of fire”, “I feel the pulse, Yer pussy lips, Start sueezing”, “Yer big black tits”, “My cock so big”.

I mean, even for a hardcore fan like me, it’s kinda hard to keep the same amount of respect for the guy after reading this! Entertaining, yes. But what is he planning to get out of it?

He also put a bulletin post on MySpace a month or so ago stating “Dulli let me join Twilight Singers cause I told him I was off coke”. Obviously after realising this was a silly thing to say, he posted a blog stating “I just wish I was more careful with these things, But then the nature of poems and words and spontaneity and being me, I wirtie shit without thinking”.

Enjoy Joe’s ramblings at MySpace. Or, this sample after the jump.

“No one under 18 shood read dis unless yer in france den you cood be 16.”

Everything I do is luz
I’m magik
Zombie princess
I’m tragik
Fags of dust
Fugs of rust
Thugs I trust
Bithc to trust
Oops I mean tuch
And munch her tuff
Oops I mean ruff
Wit a bubble but
And puffy nips
A squirtin juice
And monkey hips
A little but
Like lips I kiss
I stopped her once
She cut her wrist
$went beyond
Other side
Travel bitch
Spaceship wide
Is inner still
I breath her breath
And for her still
My lungs so fool
Of smoke and dust
Her bubble butt
Is what I trst
I bounce on her
Stuck on in
I bounce
On her
And on again
I’m a slate a slit a sin
I’m a saint a slut again
I’m a sloth a sleeth a bin
Burnin here
Throw yer junk in
Burnin here
So clear
I win
Never drunk
Or stoned again
Never drugged
I’m all of dem
Bubble butt
Let’s bump again
Between yer tits
Yer sexy face
Yer runnin legs
To spread and chase
Squirtin cum
Like stars of fire
Hit yer spot
My mushroom sire
My cock so big
My mushroom groove
Trippin kid
On how I move
Thunder thighs
Just shake so wet
My magik hands
Earthquake regret
Just shake all that shit
Outta you
You cum with me
As one then two
I wipe you off
We bump again
All over planets
We livin in
Like stems and whammits
We begin
You start sukin
To bump again
Call me daddy
Soaked in gin
Its so raddy
Whatch u feelin
I feel the pulse
Yer pussy lips
Start sueezing
Just like
Finger tips
Made of gold
Maid of sin
Archer bow
U cum again
Finger in
Yer butt so tight
You whisper in my ear tonight
You whisper
Poppy you feel so good so right
You explode
Like dynamite
U unfold
Like second sight
U are told
In tails of light
Bunny hops
Down broadway light
Yer big black tits
Just bounce
All night
My mouth of song
Just suks so right
Yer blacker nips
To feed me light
My hands
Hold on yer bubble but
My cock so in
Its trouble
My cock slammin
You rubble slut
My dick like gin
Just fuks u up
U bounce
And bounce
Here cums the son
Oh jesus
U say jesus
What have you done
Electric sockets
My loaded gun
Is birthin
And unearthin
You know
Just like the sun
Yer juice flowin
I’m a truck
What the fuck
Oh what have you done
I said 18
Have u spinnin
Like beginning
Then like
Kingdon cum
You start singing
Like you dreaming
Call me kong
I’m the donke
Pervy honke
I’m the donke