Daft Punk’s Tron Score Coming November Eventually

UPDATE: We’re informed by folks involved with the project that there is no official release date set as yet. When something official is determined, we’ll letcha know.

We first mentioned the Daft Punk Tron: Legacy score back in March 2009. Then we saw a Tron trailer with a snippet of the soundtrack this year. Now it looks like their soundtrack finally has a release date. According to Consequence of Sound, Amazon leaked a November 23 release date (via Walt Disney Records) for the album. That’s less than a month before the film’s release date, December 17. Also, this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (where Disney announced the Tron remake two years ago) begins July 22. Disney promised some Tron-related surprises, but according to /Film, the rumored Daft Punk appearance probably won’t happen. But it wouldn’t be a surprise if people knew for sure, right?

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