Curtains For TRL?

In news that’s sure to upset approximately none of you, the New York Daily News reports on rumors that Total Request Live may be history.

Is time up for ?TRL?? An insider says MTV could soon bring the ax down on its signature countdown show because nobody watches it.

?The ratings are at an all-time low, around 300,000 viewers,? says the source. ?The show is going to be canceled and rebranded.”

(In other words, MTV has created a generation of viewers who don?t have the attention span to watch a music video.)

Last Thursday, under-performing MTV president Michael Wolf abruptly left his job, although he said the decision to do so was his.

An MTV rep did not comment.

If true (and it is), the news represents a programming shift; the dial-MTV formula has been in effect, under one name or another, since the dawn of the network. But these days kids would rather watch Exposed than four minutes of Pussycat Dolls (we don’t blame them). So will MTV kill the video countdown? Should they? You so don’t give a shit do you? How old is John Norris?