Apples In Stereo Energize Pepsi Rebranding

As we’ve mentioned in the past (2007), Robert Schneider’s not afraid of the graceful sellout. So, no, we’re not surprised that he and his E6 cohorts just scored a Pepsi commercial. (Heck, we already knew how much E6-related bands loved steak.) We’re more surprised it’s 2009 and the Apples In Stereo are still alive and getting work. See, for instance, the use of New Magnetic Wonder’s “Energy” in Pepsi’s slick new-for-2009 rebranding campaign. The logo’s color scheme remains red, white, and blue, but the spot’s theme is about delivering soda pop (aka good cheer) the world over.

If you think the logo’s ugly (it is) check out the redesigned penises. (OK, bottles.) Here’s the track sans soft drink:

The Apples In Stereo – “Energy” (MP3)

As far as the commercial, not that exciting. But then, how do you compete with this?

Young MC taught Amrit how to rap.