Let’s Have One More Laugh At The American Idol Rejects

The season premiere of American Idol did crazy numbers (37.3 million viewers) and was the second highest rated episode of the show ever. Laughing at the misguided never gets old for America. No numbers on episode 2 just yet, but we’re sure a good chunk of those millions were return visitors, and just like yesterday, Eric from Death By Camera sent us a link to his post, trolling many a MySpace page, for a second installment of the objects of your American condescension.

Today’s salt and peppered favorite:

Name: Eric Chapman
Age: 31
Location: Renton, WA
Nickname: Twist train? Seriously?
Occupation: Hairdresser. And he makes it a point to inform you that ?I?m not gay even though I cut hair as my career.? And the dude rides a Harley. Toooootally clears things up.
Occupational hazard: Came armed with pomade of some sort and tried to fix Simon?s hair. I never realized how many security guys they have waiting off camera until Simon?s hair was in danger.
Song butchered: Dobie Gray – Drift Away
Past Idol Comparison: Okay, so the first thing I think of was this guy looks very similar to Taylor Hicks. Then came the ?I?M THE NEXT TAYLOR HICKS BABY!!? and ?It?s great looking like Taylor because it?s really helped with the ladies.? As much as I despise Taylor, you?d have the hit the dude in the head with a hammer enough times to induce a lisp for the comparison to be accurate.
Reason for appearing on Idol: ?I want everyone to know I?m different than Taylor.? You might want to cut back a little on all the SCREAMING comparisons then, dude. You practically want to be the guy. So I?m calling bullshit.
Simon: ?Are you drunk??
Jack?s note: Good to know that, Eric has ?a problem or gift to aways look at the light and not aways the dark of people.?
Myspace: www.myspace.com/erock2117

Head to deathbycamera.com for the rest. And if you missed it, head here for video of yesterday’s Crystal Stixer in action.