M.I.A. Does Letterman With “Born Free,” Martin Rev, Clones

M.I.A. was on Letterman last night to perform “Born Free.” She brought along a lot of friends — nine lookalikes dressed in sunglasses and outfits to match her own. It was still easy to tell who she was. But it was a clever way to bring up some of the things people have implied — that’s she’s inauthentic, an impostor, a fake, etc., without judging or answering. Just acknowledging. Suicide’s Martin Rev played with M.I.A. to do the song’s sample live, which was a nice co-sign. I’m not sure Letterman could — he was fairly speechless after the noisy performance, though he did say, “Seriously, happy Halloween.”

Unfortunately she doesn’t top Eminem’s impostor count:

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