Kinjaing? Blogga, Please: The New Blogfucking Glossary (Obvs)

If there isn’t a Blog Glossary in Sunday Styles by the end of the year, someone at Ye Olde Gray Lady is asleep at the wheel.

Obvs is our first contender. Bovs is an acceptable variation. I like how when you Google Obvs, the top of the screen reads Did you mean: jobs?

Blogga, please … picking up stizzeam, yo!

Blogfucking … not so hott yet, but props to Ultra for helping the cause.

Blogosphere. Admittedly, already huge. This site says Daily Pundit coined it.

Finally, let me be the first to use Kinja as a verb. For example, I just discovered a great blog Stylus. I’m totally Kinjaing it. Kinjing could work too I suppose. I recommend you Kinja Radosh, which is newly redesigned and so best.

Oh yeah, So Best. Is that a blogism or do people say that in real life?

I know there are a ton of other buzz terms I’m forgetting. Post ‘em in the comments (blogga, please?).