Jay-Z Coming To The LES?

Pardon the NY-centric news for a second, guys; if you’ve never been on the Lower East Side, you (hopefully) know nothing of the cheeseball-attracting, blemish of a club called Libation. Its recent closing was enough to get blogs talking, giving hope for a new wave of the low key, beer-and-t-shirt friendly establishments from LES days of yore. Well you can forget your vintage tees, Pianos patrons. Page 6 reports:

We hear that Jay-Z – the head of Def Jam Records and co-owner of the Brooklyn-bound N.J. Nets, who already has a chain of 40/40 clubs – toured Libation on the Lower East Side with broker Steven Kamali to explore opening his own VIP club there.

Sorry indie rockers, VIP = not you. But who knows, maybe some Rocawear gear will help you through the door (hey, it’s good enough for Ryan Adams). Just watch out for that dog fur — we hear it itches.

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