Drew Barrymore Set To Write Jenny Lewis Tunes

Here’s the thing with actors: Give ‘em a political role, soon they’re offering foreign policy suggestions off camera. (Thespian, know thy place!) And we love Drew, but maybe she’s guilty of letting a role play her. In her upcoming ’80s-music loving Music and Lyrics, Drew plays a natural born lyricist (offering impromptu lines like “but with some magic, we just might switch”). Forgetting that a script writer assembled her verbiage, Barrymore’s next stop: Pitching a tune to Jenny Lewis. (via Contact)

I was listening to this album by Jenny Lewis called Rabbit Fur Coat; it was just my favourite album of 2006. “I was obsessed with it and she made me think I could write a song. It’s probably really terrible. “I actually know her, so I should show it to her and see what she thinks.

So she admits it’s probably terrible. And, she probably has some Fab fodder to work through. And we sorta love the idea of a Drew and Jenny video. Look at how cute! So twee you could strangle a kitty.


K, we take it all back. Drew, Jenny, call us.