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I should probably comment on the Kurt thing seeing as how this is (primarily) a music blog.

Kurt Cobain’s Lasting Impact
Check out Black Table for some insightful (and some not-so-insightful) recollections from real writers. Also Wil Wheaton’s contribution which unfortunately did not make the cut.

The Original Steve Albini In Utero Mix
“Rape Me” and “Pennyroyal Tea” MP3s at Slatch

What’s Her Name…
Stereogum, while not a Hole fan, will forever love Courtney for her rock ‘n’ roll antics. I was dismayed to see a piece (hosted by Matt Lauer no less) on Dateline this weekend about Courtney’s “role” in Kurt’s suicide. It was tabloid journalism at its worst and incredibly irresponsible. Nice to see Patty Schemel sticking up for her, though: “People want to create someone to blame for what happened and so they’re pointing their finger at Courtney.”

Frances Bean
Looks just like dad:


There’s a crazy number of Websites with the sole intention of preaching to her. Let’s hope she’s not in the habit of self-Googling. Or heroin. No self-Googling or heroin, OK Frances?

Sub Pop
Commercial! Resurgence!

Little Drummer Boy
Also must say how impressed I am with Dave Grohl — basically everything with which he’s been involved since … how he’s handled his former band’s legacy, the great music he’s created, and having a sense of humor through it all.

Sorry I’ve got no baby photos of Kris.

I wonder if I can convince my dad to play MTV Unplugged during tomorrow night’s seder. Though I know he’d totally stick in Ron Sexsmith when the Meat Puppets join in.

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In 1994, I was not a huge Nirvana fan (you want me to be honest, don’t you?). But I do remember vividly the day he died … getting home from school, seeing Kurt Loder and David Fricke trying to make sense of it all on live MTV … regretting never seeing the band in concert. What were you doing ten years ago today?