New of Montreal Video – “An Eluardian Instance”

Before 2008 ended, Kevin Barnes told us about some of his favorite things of the year. And before 2008 ended, we repeatedly told you Skeletal Lamping and its accompanying horseplay was one of ours. (You all agreed.) The rapturous “An Eluardian Instance” was always the strongest contender for single treatment, and with oM’s pimped out Letterman performance finally it became so. Jesse Ewles’s direction is less purple top hats and more psychedelic summertime bliss, reading in the grass, kites folding out of the sky, and low flying aeroplanes over the sea. It’s also a nice reminder, on such a blustery NYC afternoon, that sometime soon it will again be nice weather for taking acid with pretty girls outdoors. Can’t wait.

Skeletal Lamping is out via Polyvinyl, as ist he digital version of oM’s Jon Brion Remixes EP (vinyl version’s out 1/27). Try JB’s move through “Gallery Piece” for starts. Also keep ears open for Kevin’s collab with MGMT Andrew on Blikk Fang.

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