Jay-Z To Pop His Cherry-Pop Cherry

The career path of a from-the-streets hip-hop mogul: From slinging coke to shilling for Cherry Coke. Via Page 6:

JAY-Z has pocketed a cool $3 million for agreeing to relaunch Cherry Coke. The Def Jam president, never one to say no to a good financial deal, is launching the soda next Wednesday. One music industry insider sniped, “He is supposed to be focused on his label – not outside deals.”

This isn’t surprising anybody, obvs. Sean Carter loves $$ AND, as he said in another paid advertisement … “Expect Everything.” Well guess it’s still shocking a few. HipHopDX asks: “What’s next, Hov? What’s next?” Good, heartbroken question. Wish we had the answer … but at least he looks happy!


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